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Petition on not initiated by Keppel Club

Aug 6, 2018 – Keppel Club would like to alert our members and the public to a recent online campaign, entitled Petition the Singapore Ministry of Law so it does not take away Keppel Club, on the activism website

The Club wishes to make clear that it did NOT in any way and at any time commission or initiate the petition, which calls for the Singapore Ministry of Law to renew the land lease expiring in 2021 for the continuation of our century-old Club and the preservation of the greenery surrounding the 18-hole golf course. The website is also seeking donations for the promotion of the petition to a greater audience.

While the Club understands and respects freedom of the press and speech, it had written to the website to request the insertion of a disclaimer sentence that the Management of Keppel Club was unaware and did not initiate the petition. Unfortunately, the request was disregarded, and when donations started being sought, the Club felt it necessary to make a police report to guard against the risks of misrepresentation and misunderstanding by members, the public and the authorities.