Golf Course Status: CLOSED

Balloting Rules

  • Online submission for balloting will commence on Fridays at 0000 hours and will close at 2359 hours on the following Thursdays.
  • Each ballot form must have a minimum of three (3) golfers with their names and membership numbers clearly indicated.
  • Members are to only submit their names for one (1) session (AM/PM) of golf per weekend.
  • Should a golfer’s name be repeated on separate balloting forms, all entries in all these flights will be disqualified.
  • Balloting will be held at 2pm on Fridays at Tee Top, with the results published on the Club’s website at 8pm on the same Friday evening. (A standby list will also be drawn in the event of last-minute cancellations. The Golf Office will administer any cancelled flights from the standby list in the order of the draw).
  • Members may access the timesheet in the Members’ portal on the Club’s website from 2200 hours on Fridays.
  • For changes and cancellations, members may access the golf booking section in the members’ portal from 2200 hours on Fridays.
  • The Principal Booker (member) is allowed to edit the entries of the other three (3) players in the flight, but must retain a minimum of three (3) players in a flight.
  • Without official medical certification and/or other documentation, flight entries bearing a change in name of Principal Booker will be forfeited.   
  • Please note that the prevailing penalties of S$10 for change of names and cancellations shall apply upon the completion of balloting. No-show penalties are at S$100 for weekdays and S$150 for weekends.