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Further information about golf slots at Changi Golf Club (August)

Dear members,

Registrations for the August golf slots at Changi Golf Club open on July 25, Monday, 9am. Grab your slots before they run out!

  1. Registration information:
  • Golf fee of $35/pax (weekday and weekend slots available).
  • Registrations open July 25, Monday, 9am.
  • Members are encouraged to form their own flights, but it is not compulsory.
  • All books are first come first served; only members are allowed to book.
  • Members can email to if they wish to place their name under waiting list for their preferred date.
  • Bookings must be made through the Event Calendar on the Keppel Club website.
    1. Go to Keppel Club website.
    2. Click on Event Calendar.
    3. Select the Changi Golf Slots event on the date and session you wish to play.
    4. Click on “Click Here to View Detail”
    5. Fill and submit the form.
    6. You will receive confirmation of the booking through your email address registered to Keppel Club.
    7. Your confirmed tee-time will be sent to you one week before your game.


  1. Rules and terms of booking:
  • Members are allowed to park at the main clubhouse only on weekdays.
  • Members are allowed to dine-in at the CGC F&B outlet.
  • Golfers are to report to CGC golf reception before proceeding to tee off.
  • All bookings and enquiries must go through Keppel Golf office. CGC will not entertain any enquiries.
  • All bookings are first come first served; only members are allowed to book.
  • Strictly no proxy booking allowed unless consensus sought from your play mate(s).
  • Golf fee charges of $35 (exclusive GST and buggy fee) will be charged to individual account.
  • Keppel Club Golf office reserves the rights to amend / ball match flight registration to maximise utilisation. 
  • Any cancellations or changes must be sent to
  • Flight entries bearing a change in name of the principal booker without official medical certification and/or other documentation will be forfeited.
  • Penalty fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) will be charged to the principal booker for any change of name or cancellation.
  • Penalty fee of $128.40 (inclusive of GST) will be charged to principal booker for any cancellations less than seven days from the date of play.
  • Penalty fee of $128.40 (inclusive of GST) will be charged to principal booker if the name of the reporting player(s) is different from the name(s) registered.
  • Penalty fee of $128.40 (inclusive of GST) will be applied to the principal booker if any of the player(s) do not show up.
  • Golfer(s) will be responsible for any damages to the buggy and settlement will be direct with CGC.
  • Golfer(s) are required to follow all CGC club rules while they are playing at CGC.

Penalty charges

(per player to principal booker)

All prices

inclusive of GST

Change name




Cancellation (less than seven days)


Player who shows up is different from the name registered




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