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Amendments to use of of Keppel Club changing room / shower facilities for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons - 10 August 2021

At Keppel Club, our changing rooms contain shower facilities, which fall under an indoor mask-off activity due to the fact that members will need to remove their masks for the duration of their shower. Under SGA’s initial guidelines, should facilities be unable to segregate vaccinated/unvaccinated individuals, organisations were advised to close off their toilet/shower facilities.

However, following a discussion SGA had with SportSG, an agreement has been made to allow both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons to use changing rooms without segregation. However, members are to keep their masks on at all times except when showering, and strictly no intermingling is allowed. Accordingly, we have updated the SMMs published on the Keppel Club website. You can find the updated SMM document for Keppel Club facilities here.