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Cessation of hybrid flights and other golf announcements (July 9 2021)

Dear Members,

1.       Cessation of Hybrid Flights

With effect from July 20, 2021, all hybrid flights will cease permanently due to multiple safety concerns.

With the recent unpredictable rainfall and the sudden lightning, there is a risk of missing walkers when inclement weather occurs. Also, walkers who suddenly collapsed or sustained injury while walking away from buggy players might miss the critical window of getting assistance.

In addition, hybrid flights make it challenging to maintain a consistent flow of play, and can make safe management measures difficult to implement and manage across the walkers and buggy players within a single flight.

With the above reasons, hybrid booking will be removed from the golf booking system with effect Sunday, July 11, 2021.


2.       Increase of No-show Fees (with effect 13 July)

We will be increasing the no-show fees for both weekday and weekend games.

Moving forward, the penalties for cancellation of slots less than 48 hrs before tee off or no-shows will be as follow (prices indicated are inclusive of GST):

-          Weekday $107 per player

-          Weekend $160.50 per player


3.       Reciprocal games with SICC are set to resume in August

Our reciprocal games with SICC are set to resume from Aug 3, 2021. Members who have successfully balloted for unutilised flights before the suspension of this reciprocal arrangements will have priority to reschedule their flights before the balance flights are opened for a fresh round of balloting.

The next ballot is scheduled to be drawn on July 21, 2021.