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Change in golf booking for members with guests

Dear Members,

There will be a change in the booking process for members who wish to bring guest(s). Instead of emailing us two weeks in advance, members will be able to make their booking online, to allow for fair booking for members, and to give less priority to guests from the current booking arrangement.

Starting for flights from the week of Mar 30 to Apr 2, 2021, members are to make their booking alongside all other members when booking opens the week before, on Mar 21, 2021, at 10pm.

There will be a limit of 64 guests per week from Tuesday to Friday, and guests will still not be allowed on weekends and Public Holidays. (Golf office will continue to monitor and regulate the number of guests internally). Do note that your account will be charged as soon as the booking is made, and the guest rate applies even if you change the name of the guest to a member’s name later.

Disclaimer: Golf office reserves the right to change the date of booking if the booking is made after the guest quota for the week is reached.


Thank you

Golf Department