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Changes to golf booking system (as of Jan 13, 2021)

Dear members,

Please note the following changes to the golf booking system, with immediate effect.

  1. Moving forward, Saturday and Sunday evening 9-hole games will be open for booking on Sunday from 10pm. This is a change from the current arrangement wherein weekend 9 hole games has a separate booking date and time.
  2. During booking, if you have clicked on an available tee time at the home page and another member has managed to get in a split second ahead of you, the page will refresh and show “booking in progress”, allowing you to try again for another booking slot
  3. Members are only allowed to book one round of golf per day. This applies to both 9-hole and 18-hole games (ie. If you have booked a 9-hole game, you will not be able to book an 18-hole game for the same day, and vice versa)

Golf Department