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Golfers’ Waiting Area – Rules and Regulations


Dear Golfers,

In the event of inclement weather, you are advised to proceed to either Tee Top or the Bag Station to await for the resumption of your game.   


Please adhere to the following rules and regulations at the designated waiting areas:

  • All golfers are required to adhere to the Club’s safe distancing rules and have their masks on at all times at the waiting areas.
  • Each of the waiting areas can accommodate up to 50 persons. Should the limit be exceeded, Keppel Hall will be made available as an additional waiting area.
  • Golfers from the same flight are to occupy the same table at Tee Top and Keppel Hall, respectively.
  • Current crossover rules and regulations will apply.
  • Should inclement weather persist, the golf course will be closed at 10.30am and 4pm during the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively.
  • Golfers may only resume their game upon clearance given by the duty marshal at the respective waiting venues.


The Management

July 2020