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New rules for usage of Reading Room and TV Room from 8 November 2021

Dear members,

To ensure fair usage of the Reading Room and TV Room for all members, we will be implementing the following rules for usage starting 8 November 2021:

  • No zoom meetings are allowed to be conducted in the reading room
  • Members must register to use the room at the swimming pool counter before use.
  • If the room is at max capacity, members will be added to the waiting list.
  • The rooms can only be used in blocks of 2 hours
  • Once your 2 hour block is used up, you will have to re-register at the swimming pool counter. You will be added to the back of the waiting list at this time.
  • Maximum of 4 people in the Reading Room, and 2 people in the TV Room, in accordance with Safe Management Measures.