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We seek members' cooperation in keeping to these tennis rules and guidelines in this period of heightened COVID-19 measures. Do note that the information provided, as well as the period of these measures are subject to further changes depending on the evolving COVID-19 situation.

1. The Club
1.1      Keppel Club has implemented Safe Management Measures in accordance to Government directives.
1.2     Masks must be worn at all times on the Club’s premises including the outdoor tennis courts.
1.3     Indoor tennis courts will be closed during the duration of the heightened measures

2. The Staff
2.1     Please sign in at the main reception and provide names of both players before proceeding to to the courts.
2.2     Sports Department staff have the right to request any player who breaches the rules to stop their game.

3. The Player
3.1     Players should arrive at the Club ready for play
3.2     Only two (2) players (1 vs 1) is allowed at each outdoor court
3.3     Safe distancing must be practiced at all times.
3.4     Water coolers are for refilling personal water containers only.
3.5     “Use and leave” principle or “Play tennis and go home” concept is encouraged.
3.6      Mask can only be removed during play and must be put back on immediately after play.
3.7     Face coverings such as neck gaiters, bandannas, face shields, scarves or handkerchiefs are not considered masks, and will not be allowed.
3.8     It is the duty of the staff to ensure the safety of all members. Therefore, players should not abuse or confront any staff when approached.