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Updates To Golf Booking (Oct 19)


  1. 9 holes

Increase the number of flights for nine (9) holes.

New tee time allocated:

  • 1st tee 0731 & 0939
  • 10th tee 0732 & 0940


  1. New Penalty

Weekday online booking on 18 holes tee time; a penalty of $20.00 plus GST for any member who does not complete 18 holes. This applies to both walker and buggy user.

Unless valid reasons are given with documentation and at the discretion of the Golfing manager.


  1. Balloting flights

Inter-changing of player on the same session / same day:

  • Member are allowed to swap only once without penalty
  • $10.00 plus GST for the second change onward 


  1. Club Events
  • Club events such as Keppel Charity, etc do not count towards ‘two (2) 18 holes game per week limit’.


  • Registration for Monthly Medal will open on the 1st of every month, at 0900, for the following month’s medal game and the closing date will be on 1 week before the actual play date.


  1. Guests

Keppel Club will be allowing eight guests (per day) to play starting from November 1, 2020.

SOP: Members must email to make booking of flight with guest(s) on Thursday & Friday, 2 weeks in advance, based on first come first serve with email stamping as records. Receptionist will reply email on Saturday to confirm or reject booking. Guest(s) fee will be charged once booking confirmed. No refund of the charged guest fee is provided for cancellation or change of guest to member.

The above will only take effect from November 01, 2020.