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User Guide to participate in e-AGM 2020

Please click on USER GUIDE for the step-by-step instructions to :

  1. Register your online participation in the e-AGM. (1 - 25 July 2020)
  2. Access the Online Portal and Keppel Club AGM 2020. (1 - 27 July 2020)
  3. Submit Questions online. (1 - 19 July 2020)

To transact any other business, for which seven clear days’ notice must be given in writing to the Secretary. Due to the new format of e-AGM 2020, members are provided additional time to submit their questions via the e-platform. 

4. Submit Proxy Form online. (19 - 22 July 2020)

The purpose of the Proxy Form is to appoint the chairman of the meeting (namely Club President Lai Mun Onn) as the member’s proxy to attend, speak and to present member’s vote at the e-AGM. This is necessary as the AGM will be conducted virtually and members will not be attending in person. With this appointment, a member is deemed to be present at the AGM and counted in the quorum. As accordance with Registry of Societies COVID-19 (TEMPORARY MEASURES) (ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS FOR MEETINGS FOR REGISTERED SOCIETIES) ORDER 2020.

5. Submit Nomination for Management Committee posts. (6 - 13 July 2020)

i. Vice-President
ii. Vice-Captain
iii. Member (Billiard & Bowling Convenor)
iv. Member (House & Bar Convenor)
v. Member (Newsletter Convenor)
vi. Member (Swimming & Entertainment Convenor)
vii. Member (Tennis Convenor)