Golf Course Status: CLOSED

Keppel Club Beyond 2021

(Updated March 2022)




 Feb 21 2022 Commencement of Staff training and upskilling for customer service staff for the transition to Sime.
 Dec 31 2021 A symbolic ceremony was where Sime golf course was handed over to Keppel Club as part of SICC’s Auld Lang Sime event.
 Sep 14 2021 Signed of the Facilities Sharing Agreement (FSA) with SICC
 August 2021 Finalised the designs of the course at Sime
 May18 2021  Confirmation of Lease extension from Ministry of   Law - LATEST!
 Nov 27 2020  MOA signed with SICC
 Nov 21 2020  Opt-in Exercise Ends
 Oct 23 2020

 Early Bird Opt-in Deadline

 Oct 23 2020
  •  POA signed with SICC
  • Members' Q&A Webinar Published
 Oct 17 2020  Publishing of FAQ
 Oct 7 2020
  • Announcement that Keppel Club will be managing Sime Public Course
  • Opt-in Exercise begins


Members' Webinar Q&A Presentation:

•  Confirmation of Lease Extension from Ministry of Law
•  SICC Announcement On Points of Agreement With Keppel Club
•  Download Engagement Pack for Members
• Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Contact Details:

Mail: Keppel Club, 10 Bukit Chermin Road, S(109918)
Phone: (+65) 6375 5567/68